Thu September 1, 2011

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West Deerfield Township installs USAgain Drop Box to Benefit Local Food Pantry

Today in a ceremony with West Deerfield Township Supervisor Julie Morrison, Mayor Harriet Rosenthal, and Bob Rosenbacher, Board Member of the West Deerfield Township Food Pantry, USAgain, the company that helps divert millions of pounds of clothing and textiles from landfills each year, placed a clothing collection bin at West Deerfield Township to benefit the West Deerfield Food Pantry.

"According to the EPA, 12.7 million tons of textile waste is generated each year and only 15% of this is collected for reuse and recycling, the remainder going into landfills. We are thrilled to partner with West Deerfield Township to support their local food pantry while combating the problem of textile waste," said USAgain CEO Mattias Wallander.

Residents can deposit unwanted clothing, shoes and other textiles in the USAgain drop box, which is located at the West Deerfield Township Center, 601 Deerfield Road. USAgain will service the bin at least once per week, or more as needed. Deerfield will be compensated for each pound of clothing collected and all of this revenue will be donated to the West Deerfield Food Pantry.

"This is a wonderful response to our residents' concern for the environment as well as their generosity towards the food pantry. Everything that goes into this bin will have another use," said Julie Morrison, West Deerfield Township Supervisor.

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