Sat July 23, 2011

USAgain Says Collection Bins Not Competing with Charities

Originally published July 23, 2011 by KIMT TV 3

MASON CITY, IA-New collection bins in town are making it easier to get rid of unwanted clothes so they don't end up in landfills. The new USAgain bins are run by a for-profit company that resells and redistributes clothes they collect.

But, as we shared with you before, it's also causing some concern from places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. They are hoping bins like these don't take away from the donations they receive.

But, those at USAgain say they don't want that to happen either.

They are placing nearly 50 bins in the North Iowa area hoping to cater to those on a tight schedule.

Spokesperson for USAgain Margaret Sullivan said, "I would say a lot of people look to give back to charity and that's important and we respect that, but then there's a whole group of people who actually just, they don't want to put their clothing in the trash but they know they've got a busy schedule and they don't necessarily know what to do with it so USAgain serves as a convenient drop off for those unwanted clothes."

She said, "not everyone donates to charity, some people just want the easiest possible way to get rid of their clothing with out putting perfectly wearable clothes in the trash and that's the void USAgain is looking to fill."

The company also said they are helping the local economy out by giving a portion of their sales of what's taken from bins to the local businesses that are hosting them.