USAgain Expands Its Network of Textile Recycling Locations | Minneapolis, MN

Fri July 13, 2012

USAgain Expands Its Network of Textile Recycling Locations

Over 20 New Drop Boxes Added in Sioux Falls

CHICAGO - (July 13, 2010) - USAgain, the company that diverts millions of pounds of clothing from landfills each year, has expanded offering 20 new locations in South Dakota. USAgain provides an eco-friendly solution for residents to dispose of unwanted clothing and shoes with their convenient drop boxes.

USAgain has installed more than 20 new drop boxes in 14 different towns in the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota with more to come later this month. Drop boxes are located at local businesses and accessible 24 hours a day. Many business owners are compensated through USAgain's revenue sharing program.

"According to the EPA, Americans generate approximately 13 million tons of textile waste each year and about 85 percent, 11 million tons of that goes directly into landfills," said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. "Our expansion in these communities will help residents keep clothing and textiles out of landfills - providing them with a convenient and eco-friendly way of disposing of unwanted clothes."

USAgain has prevented millions of pounds of clothing from ending up in landfills, giving it a second life in the US and abroad.

Residents can deposit reusable clothing, shoes and other textiles in USAgain drop boxes, which are monitored and serviced regularly. To find a drop box in your area please visit

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About USAgain
USAgain, a leader in the textile recycling industry, with corporate headquarters in Chicago, is a for-profit company that collects reusable clothing and shoes recycles and resells reusable clothing and other textiles. In 2011 alone, the company collected 60 million pounds of discarded clothing. Recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an ethical business, USAgain operates over 10,000 collection bins in seventeen states. The company's mission is to provide consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of excess clothing, which are then diverted from landfills. For more information, visit

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