Fri April 9, 2010

Company goes green with new logo and new collection bins.

For years you have come to know USAgain for its red, blue and white logo, and its red and white checkered collection bins. But the time has come for a change. 

The new logo of USAgain has been designed to underline the company's environmental mission, with bold green and blue colors that echo the life-sustaining elements of water and vegetation on planet Earth--our home in the universe. A re-use arrow is incorporated in the logo to illustrate how USAgain gives clothes and shoes a second life.

An elegant new modern look for the collection bins will soon be launched in the same earth friendly color scheme.  The change to the new look will be gradual throughout the company as the current 8,000 collection bins are refurbished in the new colors over the next two years.


Old USAgain logo

The original USAgain logo.

Red USAgain Collection Bins

Red USAgain collection bins.