Fri September 9, 2011

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Local Joliet Schools Partner with USAgain for 'Green' Fundraising

Two local Joliet schools have partnered with USAgain, the company that helps divert millions of pounds of clothing and textiles from landfills each year, to support recycling education and help the schools earn revenue. USAgain has partnered with Hufford Junior High School and Gompers Junior High School.

Parents, teachers and community members can deposit unwanted clothing, shoes and other textiles in green and white USAgain collection bins at participating schools. The schools earn funds based on the poundage collected.

"We are thrilled to announce these new partnerships. As a Chicago-based company, supporting recycling education and the local school system has always been a priority for USAgain," said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain.

USAgain is also partnered with the University of St. Francis in Joliet.