Wed November 16, 2011

Donate Clothes to USAgain - 52 Weeks of Giving - Week 46

Originally published November 16, 2011 at Harvest Moon by Hand

This week as part of the 52 Weeks of Giving challenge, Sophia and Olivia donated two bags of clothing to USAgain.

Sophia and Olivia by the collection bin for USAgain.

According to its website, "USAgain is a green for-profit enterprise that collects used clothes and resells them worldwide to conserve precious natural resources and greenhouse gases. We provide thousands of convenient locations across the U.S. where you can drop off your gently used clothes and shoes any time of the day, any day of the year."

Sophia using the lever to put the bag of clothes
into the collection bin.

The website continued, "For the clothes you no longer use, we provide an easy, eco-friendly way to remove them from your closet! What's more, the clothes are given a second life at affordable prices for people who can't afford brand new clothes. It's a win-win-win proposition."

Olivia making a donation to USAgain.

This was an easy way to make a different that helps others and benefits the environment - all while cleaning out our closets. Having bins like this one at businesses around town make donating easy; and gives us an opportunity to support a variety of organizations and businesses.