CPS Students Celebrate Earth Day

Mon April 22, 2013

CPS Students Celebrate Earth Day

Agassiz Elementary a leader in "thinking green"

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USAgain's Earth Day event at Agassiz Elementary in Chicago was featured on the homepage of the Chicago Public Schools website. See the original story.

Today, students from Agassiz Elementary will host a daylong Recycle-A-Thon for the entire Lakeview community – a part of the school’s Earth Day celebration and one of several environmentally-friendly initiatives that Agasiz has launched in order to become “greener”.
This event, which will include a clothing drop-off, the shredding of sensitive documents, and the collection of used technology, is just the latest in Agassiz’ efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.
“Earth Day isn’t something that should be recognized just one day out of the year,” said Agassiz principal Mira Weber. “Our kids are demonstrating that every day can be Earth Day.”
Agassiz students participate in school-wide composting, as well as FoodShare, a CPS program that collects leftover lunch food from school dining centers for redistribution to community organizations. The school also conducts a community litter collection, wherein students walk the neighborhood collecting trash, then return it to school to be sorted for recyclables.
“I am impressed by the leadership skills these young people are developing and the positive example they are setting for the community,” said 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney. “I look forward to working with Agassiz to make Lakeview a greener neighborhood for our next generation and for the good of our planet.”
The environmentally-sound programs are being led by a group of Agassiz students known as The Green Team, and include a contest in which 138 schools from the Chicago area are currently competing to see who can compile the greatest number of clothing and shoes to be recycled. This competition is being sponsored by USAgain, a Chicago-based textile recycling company that helps divert millions of pounds of recyclables from landfills each year. 

"It's wonderful to see our students so enthusiastic about giving back to their community," said Ian Overway, the Agassiz teacher who coordinates The Green Team. "They're inspired with the range of possibilities that recycling offers, from clothing and shoes to food or even used electronics, and we hope they continue to be leaders for their generation."