Tue April 24, 2012

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Clothing Drop Boxes Becoming More Popular

Produced and published April 24, 2012 by Valley News Live

They've been popping up all over the valley... Big green and white boxes where you can drop off your old clothes to be recycled.

After spending a few decades in Papua New Guinea and seeing poverty, Paul Fuglestad of Moorhead wastes as little as possible.

"Most of the folk in the nation were basically naked with just small loin cloths," says Paul.

And when this big green box popped up outside his work, he was excited, because he knows how much of an impact it can have.

Paul says, "Clothing started to appear, and I saw folks on the street walking around with Chicago Bulls T-shirts and high top tennis shoes."

A few months ago, his boss Rick decided to sponsor a USAagain drop off sight. Instead of ending in the dump, people can drop off their old clothes to be recycled and re-used by those who need it.

Mac's Hardware Manager, Rick Steffen, says, "It's simple, and I like simple."

Here's how simple it is. I went through my closet and found this old robe. Since I don't wear it, I don't need it sitting in my closet, so I can bundle it up in a bag, plop it in here and say goodbye.

"I think it's neat. I didn't realize there were that many out there. They're all over now," says Steffen.

USAgain is in 15 states and has over 10,000 drop boxes. Some of it comes back locally, and some go to less fortunate countries around the world.

"When spring clean up comes, it's almost a tragedy to see so many wonderful things being thrown away that can be used in many nations. They'd be like treasures," says Paul.

A way to be eco-friendly and change lives for those who need it.

According to the USAgain web site, there are 27 drop boxes in the Fargo Metro area.