Thu July 23, 2015


Textile recycling program helps students go green and save green

ANAHEIM, CA (July 29, 2015) — Marymount California University (MCU) partnered with USAgain, a for-profit textile recycler, as part of the company's Green Your Move Out program. As a result, the university collected a total of 1,095 pounds of surplus clothing and shoes.

"Just by recycling one T-shirt, you can save 1,300 gallons of water. But a staggering amount of clothing is going to landfills," said Mattias Wallander, USAgain CEO. "Getting young people involved, especially enthusiastic college students, is always a good thing since we can help them become environmentally responsible at an early age. Each university we partner with is an added bonus to our mission in helping communities go green."

For the program, USAgain bins were placed at convenient locations on campus for students and faculty to access. The event successfully collected a whopping 1,095 pounds of surplus textiles. While reducing waste on campus, the partnership helped save over 39 million gallons of water and prevented 16,425 pounds of CO2 emissions.

"USAgain is a very convenient way for our student population to recycle textiles and provide a second opportunity to both their items and those who receive them," said David Trujillo, associate director of residential life and student conduct at MCU. "The bins provided by USAgain allowed us to create recycling areas with distinct landmarks. Getting the items picked up was simple and quick. Marymount California University's Office of Residential Life looks forward to continuing our partnership."

USAgain offers year-round eco-friendly fundraising programs for schools called "Greenraisers." With no additional costs and no added work for participating schools, these education-based fundraisers help students gain awareness of textile recycling and the costs associated with campus waste, while also earning funds for every pound of textiles collected for recycling and reuse. Check out the details at

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About USAgain
USAgain - a leader in the textile recycling industry, USAgain is a for-profit company with a mission of diverting textiles from landfills. USAgain’s green and white recycling bins provide communities with a convenient way to dispose of surplus clothing and give it a second life. In 2014, USAgain collected 55 million pounds of textiles for reuse and recycling. USAgain operates over 12,500 recycling bins in 19 states and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For more information, visit