Wed June 2, 2010

Eco blogger Alicia Ontiveros produces a movie from her visit to USAgain in Chicago. 

Last week I stopped by USAGAIN for a personal tour of their Midwest facility where they gather all of the clothes donated at their local recycling bins and get them ready to be reused. In this video you'll meet Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain, and learn what it takes to recycle over 50 million pounds of clothing every year.

Mattias will be on EcoChat this summer to tell us more about the company and answer your questions about the process, so stay tuned.

While I was at USAgain, I met BUTCH, who said he's an EcoChicago follower and fellow ecogeek in training. I'm glad to hear he's learning from my posts and was encouraged by the support from everyone at USAgain.


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