To Celebrate America Recycles Day, USAgain Announces School “Collect for a Cause” Contest

Tue October 26, 2010

Used clothing collection company helps schools host educational fundraisers and win cash prizes.

CHICAGO (October 26, 2010) -- With America Recycles Day around the corner on November 15, used clothing collection company USAgain (pronounced "use again") is holding a contest for schools to help the environment and raise funds for their schools. 

Schools that sign up for USAgain's program receive a used clothing collection bin for their grounds.  The more old shoes, clothes, sheets and other textiles the school collects in the bin, the more money it earns. The clothes collected in USAgain's bins are resold in the US and abroad to be reused and recycled in an effort to keep them out of landfills.  The schools that collect the most textiles in their state will win additional cash prizes.

"There's no better time to teach our children about the need to protect the environment and the long-term benefits of recycling," said USAgain CEO Mattias Wallander.  "The drive provides school administrators with a win-win situation: protect the environment, educate students about recycling while generating important funding for the community."

According to the US EPA, less than 15% of all clothing is diverted from the waste stream for reuse.  Each year more than 8 million tons of clothing is landfilled in the U.S., a waste of resources, energy and a source of pollution of our environment.  Click here to sign up for the program