Today many people realize that sustainability is not a choice but a necessity and they want where they live to reflect that outlook.

An apartment community that encourages green initiatives attracts eco-loving residents. Multifamily property management companies often use the phrase "Love where you Live" but what programs do you offer for residents to love where they live? The amenities you provide play a big factor in your potential residents' decision making.

The USAgain program, aligns with providing convenience to your residents with dedicated access on site to deposit used clothes and shoes, positive community engagement through recycling events, and a meaningful perspective on giving as well as extending the life of clothing. All these factors help to contribute to the feeling of loving where you live.

When we think of doing something positive for people and planet, some may look at what they have that can be given to others for reuse, some think of switching to buying sustainable products, while others entertain the idea of separating reusable plastics and cardboard from their waste. All these efforts are great, but do you have the right programs in place to support the efforts your residents want to make?

Our program is convenient - A small 4' x 4' footprint makes it easy to keep your recycling area organized. Your community will have the convenience to rid themselves of gently used clothing, shoes, and bedding within feet of their doorstep.

Our program is safe - Branded fleet of trucks with fully background checked and drug tested staff. 24-hour response by calling toll free number referenced on TreeMachine.

Our program makes a difference - For every full bin, 1 Tree is planted. The clothes and shoes that are collected are diverted from your trash bins reducing your waste bill, diverted from the landfills and given a second life for people around the world.

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