A Clothes Collection Program Can Help Your Community as Well as the Environment.

Municipalities around the country are looking for new and convenient ways for the citizens to recycle textiles. USAgain provides free service to municipalities and their residents. By working with USAgain, you can raise your municipality's green profile, provide residents a free, convenient and desired textile recycling service, cut waste disposal costs, all at No Cost, No Work, No Liability, while receiving full service.USAgain's programs help reduce waste in local landfills, translating into real savings that can either help balance a budget or be passed on to taxpayers.

As a program partner, we provide you the following services at no cost:

  • USAgain branded, user-friendly bins with a convenient 4' x 4' footprint
  • USAgain branded fleet of vehicles for service and maintenance
  • 24/7 hotline answered by a live operator
  • Fully insured employees and equipment:
    • Worker's compensation coverage
    • $1 million in liability coverage
    • $1 million in vehicle coverage
    • $1 million in property damage coverage
  • USAgain provides waste diversion reports
  • Each bin's collection is monitored using sophisticated database tools
  • Full service website with personalized partner login
  • Downloadable promotional materials to promote the program
  • USAgain's professionally trained customer support and service staff