USAgain Live Stats

  • 845,748,157
    Items saved from landfills
  • 5,382,033,727
    Lbs of CO2 saved
  • 4,393,497
    Cubic Yards of landfill space saved
  • 1,037,889
    Trees planted

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do USAgain's programs work?
    USAgain works with local businesses, schools and non-profit organizations to provide free clothes & shoes recycling services to the community. Once a new site is registered, a USAgain team will strategically place a collection bin on its property, offering the local community a convenient option to rid their closets of reusable clothing, shoes and other textiles they may no longer want or need. USAgain Collection bins are regularly maintained and emptied. Items are then sorted, baled and sent for resale in the U.S. or abroad, diverting textile waste from landfills and stimulating local economies. Items deemed to be non-reusable are sent to be reused in other products (e.g. furniture stuffing, home insulation, new textiles, and padding). A testament to our program's success, USAgain has placed over 12,000 collection bins in 16 states across the country.
  2. What responsibilities will I have as a site host?
    None! USAgain's textile recycling programs require no work from your business, school or community organization.
  3. Why is textile recycling so important?
    The U.S. EPA estimates that close to 11.1 million tons of textiles end up in the trash every year. If collected, these trashed textiles are in a condition to be reused as second hand clothing or repurposed for use as industrial wiping rags, insulation or furniture stuffing, among other uses.
  4. How do I participate?
    Sign up by filling out an application at the appropriate program page, e-mail us at, or call 800-604-9533 to speak with a representative. A local USAgain community recycling specialist will then contact you to schedule a collection bin placement.
  5. How will our community know to drop off their unwanted clothing and shoes at our USAgain collection bin?
    USAgain makes it simple to advertise your new collection bin; we provide downloadable marketing materials including posters, handouts and flyers, in order to help you spread the world and raise community awareness to textile recycling.
  6. Where can I or my community find a collection bin?
    Collection bins can be easily found using USAgain's "Find a Drop Box" tool available at
  7. Which items are acceptable for collection at USAgain Drop Boxes?
    USAgain accepts all types of reusable textiles including but not limited to: clothing, shoes, baby clothes, accessories (hats, gloves, handbags, scarves, etc.), and bedding (sheets, pillow cases, etc.)
  8. How does USAgain define "reusable" in regards to clothing and shoe deposits?
    We accept clothing that is of sufficient quality or construction to be worn or used again by another person. Items deemed "non-reusable" often contain many holes, tears, or other deficiencies that render the article or item with little chance for a second life.
  9. Where do collected items go?
    USAgain sorts and bales collected items where they are sent for resale to thrift stores, consignment shops and other secondhand clothing markets here in the U.S. and abroad. Non-reusable items are sent to textile graders where collected items are ground into fiber for use as insulation, padding, or other material uses.
  10. Do patrons receive a tax receipt for depositing their used textiles in a USAgain collection bin?
    No. USAgain is a for-profit company and is therefore unable to provide patrons with a tax receipt for their deposited items. Instead, patrons have the satisfaction of knowing their unwanted clothing and shoes will be reused or recycled, reducing textile waste in our communities.
  11. How is USAgain helping to reduce unnecessary textile waste?
    In 2015 alone, USAgain helped divert 50.7 million pounds of clothing, shoes and other textiles from ending up in a landfill. Each day, USAgain collects unwanted clothing and shoes, reducing waste and preventing harmful greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere.