In the fast-paced world of fashion, our planet and its people are paying the price. The relentless cycle of fast fashion exploits both PEOPLE and PLANET, rapidly churning out products that often end up as waste after a single use. Our finite resources can no longer support this linear consumption model, demanding a shift towards a circular economy that prioritizes reuse and conservation.

Our Vision: A TreeMachine at Every School!

At USAgain, we envision a world where every school hosts a TreeMachine--a powerful force combating Global Warming and Climate Change. By transforming surplus clothes and shoes into affordable wardrobes for PEOPLE and absorbing greenhouse gases for the PLANET, we're working towards a sustainable future.

Engaging Generation-C: Climate Leaders of Tomorrow!

Our program is designed to engage Generation-C, the Climate Generation, in meaningful actions to reduce carbon emissions. We believe in nurturing mindful leaders with hearts of gold, empowering them to shape a future that's environmentally, economically, and equitably sustainable.

Take Action NOW: Host a TreeMachine at Your School!

We invite you to be a catalyst for change by hosting a TreeMachine at your school. Encourage your students to understand the urgency of taking action now, as they are the leaders of tomorrow--responsible stewards of our planet.

Partnering with Purpose: Our Values Guide Us!

At USAgain, our values drive us. We are committed to building a partnership with schools based on shared values. Together with our dedicated partners, we've clothed 16 million people and planted over 1 million trees, showcasing the impact a collective commitment can achieve.

Teaching Sustainability: Crucial for Future Generations!

Sustainable programs are vital for teaching younger generations the value of a sustainable lifestyle. By reducing consumption, increasing recycling, and promoting reuse, we empower society to make choices that benefit PEOPLE and PLANET.

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