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Tree Planting in Creve Coeur - Arbor Day Celebration

On Friday, April 26th, in celebration of Arbor Day, members of the USAgain staff and City of Creve Coeur, planted 50 trees near the historic Tappmeyer House in Millennium Park in Creve Coeur. 

The City of Creve Coeur has an ongoing initiative to eradicate intrusive honeysuckle trees from the City. More information about this initiative can be found at the end of the attached newsletter or on the City of Creve Coeur website.  Prior to Friday, members of the tree planting committee of the City, worked to remove honeysuckle trees from the area alongside the Tappmeyer House.

The 50 trees planted were River Birch, Black Chokeberry, Dogwood and Witch-hazel.  These trees were selected based upon the climate, soil, sun/shade, space and use of the planting area.