USAgain Live Stats

  • 846,162,942
    Items saved from landfills
  • 5,384,673,266
    Lbs of CO2 saved
  • 4,395,652
    Cubic Yards of landfill space saved
  • 1,038,377
    Trees planted

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Are you more likely to shop at a store, gas station or other business if it hosts a USAgain bin?

Sedgwick Chevron

Sedgwick Chevron in East Port Orchard is a business USAgain is proud to be partnered with. The gas station helps USAgain collect surplus textiles to recycle and reduce landfill waste. Without the commitment of partners like Sedgwick Chevron, USAgain’s goal of zero textile waste would be unreachable.

Sedgwick Chevron offers customers a variety of service items, including ice, firewood, propane, vacuuming, lottery tickets and an ATM machine. The station also sells competitively priced gasoline and high-convenience food items like energy drinks, soft drinks, wine, beer and hot food. Sedgwick Chevron is a great stop for anyone passing through East Port Orchard who needs to fill the tank, grab a bite to eat and get on with his commute.

When you shop at Sedgwick Chevron, rest assured that you’re supporting a business that’s concerned with environmental sustainability. Gas stations like Chevron are high-traffic areas, making it a natural location for a USAgain collection bin. Next time you stop by, round up the old clothing, shoes and fabrics in your home and drop them in the bin – you’ll be giving them a second life and doing good for the planet.

sedgwick chevron

Sedgwick Chevron
1701 SE Sedgwick Road
Port Orchard, WA 98366