USAgain Live Stats

  • 850,429,495
    Items saved from landfills
  • 5,411,824,061
    Lbs of CO2 saved
  • 4,417,816
    Cubic Yards of landfill space saved
  • 1,048,241
    Trees planted

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Join USAgain’s network of schools and colleges reducing move-out waste and raise money through an eco-friendly fundraiser. According to EPA, 12 million tons of textiles are landfilled every year. Let’s recycle our clothing and make a difference today! With a convenient recycling bin now on your campus, it’s easier than ever. Sign up here.

Benefits of Green Your Move-Out Program:
  •  Raise funds through a no-work, no-cost recycling program
  •  Promote environmental stewardship among students
  •  Help fight climate change
  •  Support campus’ waste reduction goals

No Cost, No Liability & No Work:
  • Place a recycling bin at your campus
  • Perform weekly service and maintenance
  • Staff a 24/7 phone for questions or concerns
  • Provide $1 million in liability insurance
  • Offer an “opt-out at any time” option

How We Work:
USAgain is a green, for-profit company committed to protecting the environment, conserving resources, and creating green sector jobs through the collection of textiles for reuse and recycling. Collected items are shipped to thrift store chains, graders and wholesalers, in many cases to be worn as secondhand clothing. Non-reusable clothes are recycled into insulation, wiping rags, or are broken down to 
reclaim fiber. Deposits are not tax deductible.

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